by Kids & Heroes

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Sidewalks 02:22
Sidewalks Step after step, face to the ground Never to stop and just look around The path you are on, the distance you’ve gone Walking the street where everyone’s from It’s a long road All the sidewalks are packed You can push through the crowds Or just slip through the cracks And the best way For you to get by Is to look past the things That hold you behind It’s not a race, it’s not about speed The time that you’ve got is all that you’ll need And it’s easy to waste by slowing your steps Don’t wanna be the only one left Look up from the ground now And look up at the sky Look past all the shit now That holds you behind And just fly away And never look back Just keep your direction And never lose track On the long road of life The sidewalks still stay Packed full of people Wishing they could get away
It's Alright 03:56
It’s Alright It is not a sign of weakness To say you love me, say you need this Say you want me just like I want you tonight It’s alright Can’t disguise butterflies and I know that you notice You’re on my mind all the time; it’s just so hard to focus Hold your hand while I can for as long as you’ll let me Let’s begin, just give in, wish you would come and get me And all the signs you decided not to see Of all the things that you do to me It is not a sign of weakness To say you love me, say you need this Say you want me just like I want you tonight It’s alright So just come out and admit it Free your heart from where you hid it Say you want me just like I want you tonight It’s alright Hold you close so it shows that I’m ready for something When I try, you deny and you leave me with nothing I’ll adjust ‘cause it’s us and I don’t wanna rush you You deflect and reject while I just wanna touch you And all the hints you decided to ignore Every time you leave me wanting more I can tell by the way you stare From the eyes that shine from behind your hair I can tell by the way you smile From the lips that say I should stay for a while I would do anything, no I can’t sing But I’m trying If you’d say honestly that possibly You wanna be with me. Alright! It is just a sign of weakness To say I love you, say I need this Say I want you but you don’t want me tonight It’s alright
Here To Stay 03:07
Here to Stay Another year has passed and I don't Know where I'd be now without you all When anything gets complicated I can count on you to ease my fall It doesn't matter if we go down We’ll go down the gutter As long as we’re here to stay Let's just stay out Until the suns up ‘Cause I just don't care what we do As long as I'm with all of you Moving forward Won't know what hit us ‘Cause it’s times like these I won't forget I won't regret the things we've done I can't believe what we've all been through In these past two years they have gone so fast They've had their ups and they've had their downs But were still here making these times last It doesn't matter if we grow up I know we’ll all show up As long as we’re here to stay We're moving faster then before I can't believe the speed of time We’ll all be gone before we know it I hope our times spent well It’s times like these I’ll never regret Moments like this I’ll never forget I’ll never forget
What If 02:25
What If I can’t tell if I’ll be okay I can’t say if this was the way Things were supposed to go I can’t pretend This was how I wanted this to end I can’t think of something that I Haven’t asked myself tonight What if she called right now? What if she heard me out? What if I put up a fight? What if these what-ifs won’t go away? Amounting to nothing but thoughts that stay Trapped in my mind for all time, making me pay For all of the things I didn’t say I can’t tell if I’ll be alright I have nothing new to recite What if I had all the Right things to say And the strength to have said them that day I can’t help but learn from the past Of all the questions I’ve asked What if she’d take me back? Never thought of that What if it could never last What if I fought longer for nothing Or if I was stronger or something Now we’ll never know
Give Up Or Give In To be honest I won’t grow up Stay young at heart For forever and I promise To make my mark I’ll never give up Or give in Every second counts And we’re running out of time I don’t wanna let you down I just wanna do this right You are my thoughts and concentration only thing that’s on my mind My strength and motivation Give up or give in
Take It Back 03:18
Take It Back Cleaning up knowing you’ve got one more chance Hard to do when she’s giving you that warning glance Feels like you’re walking on shells Hope at the end of the night you’re not stuck in hell Take it back; don’t look at me like that I know I fucked up but I can’t take it back Get in the car and we’re ready to go Felt alright but how was I to know Pull up the drive, 40 in hand A two-six would have been a better plan No one’s surprised that I get shit-face smashed Morning rolls around, I guess this is the last time She will ever belong to me Sleeping in for the nights I didn’t sleep at all Falling back from the times where all I did was fall Calling off always staying up until last call Making up for when we didn’t make up at all Waking up and the room starts to spin Hoping that I didn’t go and do it again Head is throbbing, can’t remember a thing My stomach drops when the phone starts to ring I know it’s her and it’s gonna be bad But I answer even though I wish that I never had I try my best to apologize She said, I’ve heard it all before but it’s all just been lies I understand what I did wasn’t right But don’t throw it all away ‘cause of one stupid night This has happened before, it’s something we can get past She said, I’m done forgiving now and this is the last time She would ever belong to me
Living for the Breakdown Alcohol and cigarettes Is this as good as it gets? Night turns to day, we fade away The record skips and starts to replay And now we’re starting over Like we’re waking up sober What we believe starts to deceive Tells us to stay when we should leave And all the time we spent here wondering And all the time we spent here wondering Why we pretend Stuck in our hometown We crashed and burned down That’s all we know there’s Nothing left to learn now What’s there to gain now Playing for the same crowd Singing just to make sound Living for the breakdown This is what we all need A break from the misery We used to say don’t fade away An escape from every day And now we’re moving forward Towards what we believe Day turns to night, we see the light Turning all wrongs into right And all the time spent on recovering And all the time spent on the other end Where we pretend Stuck in this town That’s all we know now, that’s all we know now Watch it burn down Nowhere to go now, nowhere to go now The same old sound That’s all we know now, that’s all we know now We’re breaking down Nowhere to go now, nowhere to go now
Five Houses Down It makes no sense to complain As we grow old I hold my breath and sustain Through the chokehold ‘cause I have learned to see It’s not me, it’s us In friends we trust, so just roll For all the times in my life That we’ve been through Just know that I wouldn’t be Here without you. All the nights we’d walk And just talk it out And not care about what we’d do Everything keeps changing yet somehow we stayed the same and now it just goes without saying, that it’s day after day And whether it’s five, five houses down Or if it’s a drive across the town You know there’s no stop, stopping us now I’ll see you tomorrow somehow We’re growing up, not apart Still you’re moving I’m there so much, seems like I Should just move in ‘cause with friends like these You don’t need to ask If I need to crash, I’m assuming Another day and we’re still here together Another year and it keeps getting better ‘cause these thieves are thick And it’s sick to see It’s still you and me forever It makes no sense to complain as we grow old I hold my breath and sustain through the chokehold For all the times in my life that we’ve been through Just know that I wouldn’t be here without you. It makes no sense to complain as we grow old I hold my breath and sustain through the chokehold It doesn’t matter the storm ‘cause we’ll weather it You’ll know we’ll be there regardless of whether it’s…
Wolves On East Sixth Leave it to the moon To take me far away Leave it to the stars To take me to a better place I can feel it now As I look up to the sky The sun is gonna rise And I’ll be fine And if the stars were brighter we’d catch fire Ignite to spite the light of day If the night’s as young as we feel Then we’ll never let it go Light me up, remember this time We’re never coming home I guess I should be tired Thought I was a while ago But my body is a liar And my mind begins to slow Darkness falling on my face Shadows crawling all around Friends blur together just like Faces in the crowd
Letting Go 04:32
Track 10 Thinking back to when we used to have it all Now it’s like it never happened. It’s hard to think that we could ever walk away But you refused to hear the things I couldn’t say So this is letting go So unsuspected, how was I to know You’d leave me here all alone Last thing you said was the fault is my own So this is for all of the time that we shared The things that you said to make me think you cared Mistakes that I made like the songs that I wrote For every “I love you” that escaped my throat And I, I fell for the lie I believed that I could fly I’m falling, I’m falling And now, as I hit the ground I feel like I should stay down What do I do, what do I do Now I see how it goes Hard to be happy when everyone knows I fucked it up but it takes two I thought I could but I can’t wait for you Forever and ever I fought to endeavor But you thought that I was just trying to be Witty or clever, I’ll never say never But I’ll never get back what you took from me I said I would forever, she said I should forget her I said that I could never, she said we’ll see I won’t forget my promise; she said well to be honest Your promises, you see, don’t mean a thing to me.


released February 22, 2013

Produced by: Stuart Douglas Ross
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Stuart Mckillop

Recorded at Rain City Recorders, Vancouver, BC 2012


all rights reserved



Kids & Heroes Winnipeg, Manitoba

KIDS AND HEROES is a five piece pop punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Though always down to play local shows, they've been seen sharing a stage with bands such as Propagandhi, The Flatliners, Death By Stereo, Belvedere, and even Total Chaos.

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